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Dogmopolite - Why settle for anything less than the best?

To entrust someone with the guarding and sitting of your dog without your presence for a longer period of time is often a hard decision and a matter of trust.

The primary goal of Dogmopolite in its boarding and day-care facilities is to make the dogs feel most comfortable and like at home, for being taken home happily after the stay.



Our work is not only characterized by an outstanding environment, but also our colleagues' loving treatment of the dogs, through which a stay at us will be a true memory for your beloved friend. We provide extensive exercise, outdoor game in safe and fenced environments, socialization and a professional, knowledgeable care with full attendance.

Upon the client's request we naturally provide the type and amount of food and food complements the dog is used to, by simultaneously taking into account the dog's individual needs, customs and habits. All of these data are noted down one-by-one once we meet the client: we constantly bear in mind and follow these instructions and pieces of information. Our dog boarding facilities are supervised 24/7, and if needed, we assure first aid and professional medical attendance.

This is how we’re spending our time at the Dogmopolite Dog-Boarding and Day-Care facilities

Important information when our dog becomes part of a community (reg. kennel cough)


Since your dog will get into a dog community at one of our centres, and nationwide we witness an epidemic 1-2 times yearly, kindly acknowledge the below information and act at your own discretion.

The “combined vaccination” is only effective against a certain part of the pathogens causing kennel cough (distemper virus, adenovirus, or parainfluenza virus in the case of certain vaccinations). As an amendment, our guests can be vaccinated against parainfluenza and Bordetella brochiseptica. This can be done with an injection (Pneumodog, basic (first) vaccination at an age of 4-6 weeks, to be repeated after 2-3 weeks, then yearly once), or (preferred) in an intransally (Nobivac KC at an age of 3 weeks, with protection after 3-4 days against Bordetella, to be repeated yearly). At the same time it is important to note, that, in spite of the protection and due to the nature of the disease (might be transferred by less frequent pathogens), your dog might still get sick (in spite of the minimal risk and maximum hygienic standards). The disease often heals by itself, such as a cold among humans. With antitussives, anti-inflammatories, expectorants, vitamins and immune strengtheners, or occasionally antibiotics, the healing can be accelerated and coughing relieved.

Meet Hungary's largest (in terms of covered area) and most advanced, state-of-the-art dog boarding, training and daycare centres!

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Our facilities boast the following amenities and services:
  • Over 350-400 sqm covered, heated hall and other areas
  • 150 sqm in-door day-care and fun area with special amenities
  • 4 boarding areas with different temperatures on altogether 250 sqm
  • Reception and advisory corner
  • High-security locking systems
  • Entire-day professional supervision (altogether 5, during high season additional colleagues in rotation)
  • Advanced ventilation system
  • Boarding on mattresses, dog beds, in either closed or open surroundings
  • Day-care services: game, exercise, learning in covered or open, large areas
  • Upon availability and need: Indoor and outdoor individual or group training
  • Full board with 3 different types of food – or anything else upon request
  • Official government operation permit
  • Hazardous waste (dog feces) transportation agreement for protecting our environment
  • and the list goes on…!



And in addition, the well-known Dogmopolite extra
  • We have the widest vaierty of boarding possibilities: our guests sleep in open or closed areas, in dog houses, on mattresses, in kennels or in the fresh air.
  • Full board for our overnight guests with high-quality, professional food.
  • The transportation away from and back to the client's home (HUF 3,000 (Pest<>Pest, Buda<>Buda), HUF 4,000 (Buda<>Pest), HUF 5,000 (Budapest suburb)).
  • The dogs are supervised by professional dog trainers and supervisors, who can provide helpful advice already at pick-up.
  • Upon request our guests can take part in our day-care program free of charge, in the framework of which your dog spends the entire day exercising, learning and socializing with other fellow dogs.
  • Taken into account that we employ dog trainers in our facility, very often we shed light on behavioural and other problems which we report back to you and recommend possible methods the treatment of these.
  • Our colleagues fill in a detailed order form and dog data form upon pick-up and register each and every detail of your and your dog's habits and customs and other important facts for your safety and the traceability of past assignments.
  • General and service liability insurance up to HUF 10 million.
  • IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals, Florida, USA) and AGA (Austrian Grooming Association)-membership with all its professional requirements
  • Lot of attention, love, game company and professionalism.


Quality Food

At Dogmopolite, even the most basic food (Brit) is a premium category; plus our company warmly welcomes dogs on heat as well!

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Enquire about food selection! At Dogmopolite, even the most basic food (Brit), included in the price of boarding, is a premium category; the premium (Acana) and super-premium (Orijen) categories offered by our company are the two brands of the highest quality outrighton the market, with exceptionally high ratios of meat and protein.



Dogs on heat

Our company warmly welcomes dogs on heat as well! Every owner knows that dogs on heat are the source of a number of problems and difficulties. Those living in a house with garden have to fear "unexpected guests" arriving to their dearest. Owners living in apartments have to constantly monitor hygiene in their homes. During walks, both of them have to face or avoid the demanding moments of meeting with male dogs, sometimes with no success. For us, dogs on heat do not mean any problem. We keep them separated, in a friendly environment. The owners can always be sure that they get back their dogs in their original state, alone. Kindly note that our company charges 50% extra in addition to the regular boarding fees in the case of dogs on heat.


Preparation for export

Our company has extensive experience and is happy to organize the entire procedure of preparing your dog for export in case your country of residence changes. Many people underestimate this set of tasks, of which not only the sequence, but also its content is strictly specified according to international conventions. Unfortunately, if not all examinations are done, not all documents, certificates are filled in according to the requirements, then it can easily happen that your dog’s entering into the country is denied and is turned back to the country of origin at the point of arrival (usually the cargo terminal of the airport).


These exams (without attempting to be comprehensive) can be anti-rabies (RNATT) tests, official blood titre certifications by a state veterinary, repeated vaccinations, IFAT, ELISA, Brucellosis, Leishmaniosis, Leptospirosis tests, vaccinations with different timing against distemper, infectious hepatitis (canine advenovirus), canine parvovirus (parvo), para-influenza and Bordetella bronchiseptica, blood sampling by an internationally approved blood sampling institute, repeated treatments against ticks, fleas, internal and external parasites, filling in and mailing of documents and certificates… and the list goes on.

If you wish to forgot these lengthily procedures, we are at your disposal!

British Dog Groomers’ Association

British Dog Groomers’ Association »

Dogmopolite is the first and only company in Hungary which is member of the British Dog Groomers' Assocation (PIF-BDGA).

UK Kennel & Cattery Association

UK Kennel & Cattery Association »

Dogmopolite is the first and only company in Hungary which is member of the UK Kennel & Cattery Assocation (PIF-BKCA).

Pet Services Association

British Pet Services Association »

Dogmopolite is the first and only company in Hungary which is member of the British Pet Services Association (PIF-BPSA).



Our company has been an official member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) with seat in Florida, US, since 2013.


Professional Liability Insurance »

In light of our commitment towards professional service provision and health- and material-related values, our company disposes of a general and service liability insurance up to HUF 10 million covering any potential health or property damage.


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