Our Colleagues

Our main objective is the provision of the right care and service for all of our four-legged clients. In order for this to achieve it is of paramount importance to find the most suitable and reliable colleagues, since we all know well, that entrusting someone with our dearest friend often causes anxiety and leaves us in distrust.

Our services are carried out by professionals having many years of experience in this specific field of expertise, being dog-keepers themselves – or maybe even more than that, dogs being the centre of their everyday lives, their passion. Our goal is to convey this love and affection to your dog too.

Love and affection is one aspect though, the other being special requests by the dog owners. Be it an individual training course or discipline to be learned, behavioural anomalies to be treated or health to be preserved, our well-prepared and up-to-date colleagues will soon after having thoroughly investigated the situation work out the most suitable service.


Along with the professional content, flexibility is another very important issue. As our circle of clients comprises everything from the elderly with difficulties to move all the way to busy businesspeople or diplomats often spending weeks abroad, we try to organize our services in a flexible way regarding time, range of service and the financials.



Gárdos Péter

Péter Gárdos

Peter is responsible for Dogmopolite's general management. Following his high-school studies in Austria he moved back to Hungary after 10 years to obtain his BA in tourism and hotel management, to be followed by an MA at the Budapest Corvinus University and later the MBA at the CEU Budapest. During his career he has been general manager of many companies. Peter has working experience in Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and Spain, countries where he not only worked but also lived for longer periods of time.

Dog sitter, walker, trainer and groomer colleagues

Hallgató Anna


Anna is a true dog lover. She adopted Lütyő, a young Mudi mix one and a half years ago from a shelter. Prior to that, Anna volunteered in many shelters, thus gaining extensive experience in the world of dogs. Last year she obtained her habilitation dog trainer diploma. She loves to go touring with Lütyő in her free time, she loves to ride the horse and to make every day a special one. Anna is a dedicated member of our Szentendre dog boarding team.

Csonka Viktória


Viki was 4 years old when her parents brought home her first dog: Momo, the Yorkie. She rescued a Hungarian Vizsla from the streets a few years later. She loves both small and large breeds. She has known since her early childhood that she would want to work with dogs, and after starting at Dogmopolite Dog Boarding, this dream has become reality. Nowadays she shares her home with Axel, the rescued Dachshund.

Pajtás Barbara Anna


Barbi has been a horse aficionado for 15 years. She adopted her most recent dog, a Labrador-Vizsla mix 13 years ago from the Árvácska shelter in Szentendre. She obtained the dog breeding diploma from the University Gödöllő. Ethology is her favourite topic, with special regard to dogs and horses – we can call her a real pro in these fields. Barbi is an enthusiastic member of our Szentendre dog boarding team.

Kovács Alexandra


Alexa has always had at least one dog in her family – she is obsessed with them and could not imagine her life without dogs. She attended dog school already from the age of 12, prior to that she trained them at home. She is a true agility fan, an avid organizer of camps and competitions. She attends these programs nowadays with her Mudi, Bailey and soon she will obtain the dog trainer diploma. She is a valued member of our Szentendre team.

Andrássy Krisztina


Krisztina loves horses, aquaristics, rodents, but most of all she loves dogs – this is all her life is about. She has worked as a vet assistant for a long time, nowadays she dedicates her time to problematic dogs. She is a dog trainer, work dog judge, animal rescuer – she rehabilitates dogs and finds owners for them. She is particularly interested in the group dynamics of dogs, as well as dog-owner relationships.

Kurucz Kata


Kata has been surrounded with dogs since her childhood, first by the Hungarian Kuvasz, later Newfoundland. For now she shares her home with tho Bichons and one American Pitbull Terrier. She does a lot for abandoned dogs actively. Kata obtained her vet assistant diploma in 2016, and now she is headed toward the grooming diploma. She joined the Dogmopolite dog boarding team in 2017.

Hajnal Mónika


Mónika has grown up in a small village, where animal husbandry is a given – her parents are still deeply involved in this passion – and livelihood. She adores dogs and has 8 of them at home. She is convinced that a dog has extremely positive effects on our lives, brings together the family, maintains our mental and physical health, our spirit. Mónika is a valued team member of our dog boarding facility in Szigetszentmiklós.

Vincze Nikoletta


Niki started off at our company as a dog walker, but she later changed to our Buda-side dog boarding facility. She loves dogs, they are the absolute centre of her life. She always had dogs and cats, later rodents too. She adopted Jaffar, the dog, when she was 21, later Mágnes, still with her today. They regularly attended dog schools. Niki has been volunteering in shelters since she was 16 because the fate of the less fortunate is really important to her.

Major Edina


Edina has been an animal lover for her entire life, she’s always wanted to work with animals. In addition to her position in our dog boarding facility, Edina is also studying veterinary. She does a lot of touring, walking, camping and competitions with her dog Gina, a 12-year-old German Shepherd. Plus, she owns Matyi, a very nice horse, and a real-troublemaker, the three-legged cat, Lackó.

Kovács Viktória Dorina


Viki has been a dog owner since her childhood. Nowadays she owns a Yorkshire Terrier and a Caucasian. They do a lot of touring, walking. At home she shares her space with a horse, who loves her dogs as well. Soon she’ll get two mid-sized Asian dogs. Viki is very fast in making friends with dogs and she does everything for them in order to feel good. Viki is a member of our dog boarding team in Szigetszentmiklós.

Halász Száva


Száva has been living with dogs since her birth as her family is in the dog breeding business – they breed Great Danes, Scottish Shepherds and West Highland White Terriers. Because of this, dogs have played a central role in her life. She regularly goes hiking with her dogs and her friends. Száva is a valued member of the Dogmopolite Buda dog boarding facility.

Péntek Klaudia


Klaudia has been a dog keeper and lover since her earliest childhood. Her family has had dogs their entire lives, too. She loves all kinds of animals: with feathers, with scale or with fur – doesn’t matter. She obtained her diploma as a vet assistant and cares about the fate of all animals deeply. Her favourite breed is the Corgi. She loves meeting even the highest client demands at Dogmopolite, as she would expect the same for her own pets.

Besenyei Ágnes


Animals have played a prominent role in Ági’s life since her early childhood. She used to spend the summers at her grandparents’ countryside estate where she could experience a lot of dogs being around. Her favourite breed is the Dachshund – she has one, too, and enjoys every minute of it. In today’s world, caring about animals is extremely important – out of this idea came the desire to work at Dogmopolite Dog Boarding Buda.

Dúl Klaudia


Klaudia has been a huge animal fan since her early childhood and decided, thus, very early on to devote her life to dogs professionally. She graduated in 2010 as a pro dog groomer and has been working as such ever since. Currently Klaudia shares her home with five Brazilian Bull Mastiffs, with whom she is a regular participant in Hungarian and international competitions. Klaudia, one of the best in Hungary, is also an avid promoter of animal welfare.

Pápai Kata


Kata’s love and affection towards animals started at a very early age. She grew up in the countryside, they had a lot of animals but she has become most passionate about dogs. Her father is a vet, so she had the chance to delve into animals’ health and behaviour. She is a conscious animal protector and follows this lifestyle with her dog, Jenő. Kata is an esteemed member of our Szigetszentmiklós dog boarding team and she just loves her work.

Sipos Veronika


Veronika was five years old when her family got their first dog, a German Shepherd. She was 11 when she got her first, own dog, a Newfoundland, who lived for 12 years with Veronika. After this she volunteered a lot and adopted Mona, a Jack Russel dachshund mix. She obtained her dog grooming diploma in 2019 and she did so brilliantly that we immediately hired her in our Óbuda dog grooming salon.

Fergencs Lívia


Since she was 14, Lívia has worked for shelters – it is since then that she is actively involved with dogs. She joined the Dogmopolite dog walking team in 2018. Lívia loves the fact that what she does is also her passion. With her dog and the work at the shelters Lívia learned how to communicate efficiently with dogs and how to interpret them. With this capability she is able to solve any difficult situation.

Surányi Petra


Petra has been a dog lover since her childhood, having sitted many of her friends’ dogs. After that came Bodza, the 8-month old mix. With him, that Petra learned the responsible dog keeping principles. They started basic obedience early with positive reinforcement and clicker – tools she is still using today. She deems the mental, spiritual and physical development as extremely important. Petra has been a dog walker since 2016.

Csorba Bianka


Bianka has been a lover of dogs since her early childhood. Already in her primary school days she took home astray dogs and cats and helped to find them new owners – however, she kept many of them for herself. She got her first dog, Molly, when she was 8. Throughout her years, Bianka has worked with dogs and couldn’t imagine any other work. She intends to continue her studies in this field as well.

Skultéti Anita


Anita has been surrounded by dogs since her early childhood, she always shared her life with them. She has four dogs currently, the fifth one passed away in 2019. She and her sister regularly adopt dogs and cats who are left on the street, one of them was even hit by a car and left to die. Her favourite is Sisy, the hyperactive Yorkie. She spends all her time with dogs, she also volunteers. Anita is a valued member of our dog boarding team in Szigetszentmiklós.

Tieger Szilvia


Szilvi was 12 when she got her first dog, Nana, the street terrier. She trained her for 2 years. After that, she got a Trudi, the German Shepherd. She trained her for a year. After that Gigi from Adrienn Szűcs, again for training. Following this came a vast number of dogs to be trained. She started at the Duhajdomb dog school as a pro dog trainer – 11 years ago. Since then she got first and second in the BH1 category. Szilvi is member of our dog trainer team.

Stefán Vivien


Vivien was born into a family with two Bernese dogs. In her later childhood she lived with a small, black street terrier. After that followed Diogenes, the German Vizsla. Today, she shares her home Opus, the German Dog. Vivien has worked as a professional dog groomer since 2020. She is an esteemed groomer colleague of Dogmopolite’s grooming salon in Buda.

Simon Kitti


Kitti has loved animals since her early childhood. She grew up with dogs and has taken good care of them ever since. Nowadays she lives with three dogs: two Yorkies and an American Staffordshire Terrier. The dog grooming profession has attracted her for a long time. She obtained her diploma in 2017 and has worked as a dog groomer ever since. She loves all dog breeds. Kitti is a valued member of our Sugár Mall grooming team.

B Toth Sarolta


Saci graduated as a pro dog groomer in 2007 with excellent results. She has a dog past spanning over 18 years, starting with the Miniature Poodle, after which she became a Boxer fanatic, a passion still lasting today. Saci’s favourites also include the Westie. She does dog sports, flyball and also dog training, as Saci is a pro dog trainer at the same time, having been a tutor in many dog schools. After giving up this activity, she has devoted all her time to dog grooming.

Katona Kinga


Kinga has been crazy about dogs since her childhood. For over 10 years she has been both a dog and cat owner, and she grooms them too. She reads professional books and publications, she deems her professional progress as extremely important. Kinga is a regular guest on dog events, exhibitions. She graduated in 2010 as a dog groomer, and has ever since developed into one of the best in our grooming team. Her favourite breeds are Schnauzer and Vizsla.

Szén Terézia


Terézia has been a dog owner since she was 12. Since 2001 she’s had Airedale Terriers and while they were groomed she decided she would become a dog groomer. She obtained her groomer diploma in January 2016, and the same year the rehabilitation dog masseuse degree as well. She is a keen supporter of guide dogs. Lots of experience, seminars and trainings have made her to become one of the best groomers in Hungary.

Laluska Zsanett


Zsanett has known since her earliest childhood years that she would work with dogs one day. She got her first dog, a Yorkie, back in 2006. This made her realize that she would become a dog groomer so she obtained her groomer’s diploma in 2007 and has worked in this field ever since. Throughout the years Zsani has managed to become one of the best groomers in Budapest.

Pekker Fruzsina


Fruzsina has been a dog lover since her early childhood – she grew up with dogs and her love towards them is endless. She regularly goes to dog shows, exhibitions with her mother, Szilvi, who is also a dog groomer at Dogmopolite. She obtained her groomer’s diploma from Andrea Molnár and started working as a dog groomer at our company in 2020.