I use the Pest day-care as it is close and earlier when I arrived home, I had to start with making up my appartment. The dog chewed on everything and the neighbours complained. Problem finally solved.

Our dog is hard to deal with, that’s why we needed a trainer. At first it went slowly, but after 8-10 occasions his behaviour changed rapidly, to the better. She really understands what she’s doing.

What is very convenient is that they pick up and deliver back my dog if I need boarding. This is a big help as I can hardly move and have no car. Plus, I can decide when I wish to have the pick-up. 

If you have to choose a dog boarding place, this is it. It is unique that the personnel lives just next door, supervision is constant and staff is professional. I got back a very clean, happy dog.

Our dog was always misbehaving, we messed him up when he was small. They started training 8 weeks ago, and since then our co-existence has improved a lot. Vezér knows his place and that’s a huge help.

We always use the Pest salon with my mid-poodle. My poodle has never been groomed this well, as with Dogmopolite. Fact is, they also charge the price. But the result is worth it, absolutely. 

I use the Buda grooming salon, Alfi loves the girls there. The shampoo they use is unique, you cannot get it elsewhere, they smell good for weeks. Plus, they really know how to groom. Recommended!

We use active day-care, my dog needs exercise. I didn’t know such a service existed, but it’s good, I don’t have to set a foot outside the house. They always pick her up and bring her back exhausted.

I have brought my dog to the boarding facility since its opening – regulary. I liked their attituded, professionalism, and my dogs really get distinguished attention. The food is really top quality. 

I’m working from the early morning until evening hours, so I have to us doggy day-care. They destroy everything at home, but this was solved, they play and socialize during the day, while I’m at work.

It’s hard to board a dog, if he is a real family member, like in our case. However, sometimes you cannot get around it. Our dog likes being there, and always makes new friends during his stays.

Dogmopolite walks our dog. She is always punctual and very friendly to him, understands him. It occurred that she had to cancel, in this case there was always a substitution. My dog likes her.