Dog Boarding


Why settle for anything less than the best?

To entrust someone with the guarding and sitting of your dog without your presence for a longer period of time is often a hard decision and a matter of trust.

The primary goal of Dogmopolite in its boarding and day-care facilities is to make the dogs feel most comfortable and like at home, for being taken home happily after the stay.

Our work is not only characterized by an outstanding environment, but also our colleagues' loving treatment of the dogs, through which a stay at us will be a true memory for your beloved friend. We provide extensive exercise, outdoor game in safe and fenced environments, socialization and a professional, knowledgeable care with full attendance.

Upon the client's request we naturally provide the type and amount of food and food complements the dog is used to, by simultaneously taking into account the dog's individual needs, customs and habits. All of these data are noted down one-by-one once we meet the client: we constantly bear in mind and follow these instructions and pieces of information. Our dog boarding facilities are supervised 24/7, and if needed, we assure first aid and professional medical attendance.

This is how we’re spending our time at the Dogmopolite Dog-Boarding and Day-Care facilities

Important information when our dog becomes part of a community (reg. kennel cough)


Since your dog will get into a dog community at one of our centres, and nationwide we witness an epidemic 1-2 times yearly, kindly acknowledge the below information and act at your own discretion.

The “combined vaccination” is only effective against a certain part of the pathogens causing kennel cough (distemper virus, adenovirus, or parainfluenza virus in the case of certain vaccinations). As an amendment, our guests can be vaccinated against parainfluenza and Bordetella brochiseptica. This can be done with an injection (Pneumodog, basic (first) vaccination at an age of 4-6 weeks, to be repeated after 2-3 weeks, then yearly once), or (preferred) in an intransally (Nobivac KC at an age of 3 weeks, with protection after 3-4 days against Bordetella, to be repeated yearly). At the same time it is important to note, that, in spite of the protection and due to the nature of the disease (might be transferred by less frequent pathogens), your dog might still get sick (in spite of the minimal risk and maximum hygienic standards). The disease often heals by itself, such as a cold among humans. With antitussives, anti-inflammatories, expectorants, vitamins and immune strengtheners, or occasionally antibiotics, the healing can be accelerated and coughing relieved.

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