Dog Grooming

We tend to believe that being clever, intelligent, well-mannered, nice, obedient and loving may be all the qualities a dog should possess. But in addition to all of these, let us not forget the importance of being beautiful and well-groomed: what might be only aesthetics in our opinion is comfort and health for our four-legged friend!


Our grooming salons offer services in the following fields, among others:

  • Healthcare treatment:
  • Cutting the claws
  • Paw hair cut
  • Haircut above and in front of the eyes
  • Anal hair cut
  • Anal gland treatment
  • Ear hair cut, ear cleaning
  • Eye cleaning
  • Dematting, Clipping, Stripping
  • Thorough cold/hot bathing
  • Drying
  • Combing/Brushing
  • Cutting/Trimming/Style trimming (standard, hobby, fantasy)
  • Plaque and tartar removal

Our grooming salons use only internationally recommended, professional products for achieving the best possible results. A full grooming – according to the breed and lifestyle of your pet – might include a personal consultation, clipping, bathing, drying, brushing or combing, cutting or trimming, plus the treatment of the eyes, teeth, ears, claws, paws and anal glands.

Prior to starting the grooming process, our clients have the opportunity to consult with the groomer and speak through their needs and expectations.

Our colleague will, according to the breed and habits of the dog, recommend the appropriate grooming method and content, but – as always – the last word will always be that of the owner.

As dog owners and lovers we know that in some cases clients might bath, sometimes also groom their pet themselves. However, for a truly aesthetic and professional result and thereby the lasting maintenance of the dog's health we recommend a professional grooming session every 8-10 weeks.

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We are at your disposal any time: be it a free-of-charge professional consultation or ordering a service, you can count on us. Our well-prepared colleagues are expecting you to provide in-depth advice on different grooming methods, your dog's health and our services!

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AGA (Austrian Grooming Association)


The AGA (Austrian Grooming Association) was formed in 2003 and Dogmopolite is the only Hungarian company which is member in this prestigious club. The main goals of the Association are constant further training, raising theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to the maximum, the exchange of experience, social contact and lobbying.

Its objective is to make its members use the most modern tools and care products for grooming, based on the most recent, international highest standards. Throughout the year the members discuss the newest trends, and get access to the most recent products, techniques and tools in the framework of further training and personal development.