Dog Grooming Salon

All services are provided by colleagues with several years' of experience, the necessary physical fitness and exceptional knowledge regarding the specific field, most frequently specializing exactly on the requested field or even breed of the customer. All this is not only very important in order to ensure high-quality standards but much more so in order to effectively maintain and improve the dog's health and comfort, and the security of the surrounding people, animals and objects.

Experience the World of the Dogmopolite Dog Grooming Salons!

Faithful to our established standards regarding professionalism and quality, we also put heavy emphasis on the dogs' safety and the owners' comfort also in the case of our dog grooming salons. We deem it important that our clients experience the same degree of professional knowledge, care and service, be it any Dogmopolite service they choose.

During the design of our dog grooming salons we concentrated on the work processes which contribute to a convenient and safe operation – this is how the Dogmopolite grooming salons were born, where not only dogs, but also their owners can feel fully comfortable.

Our Buda Grooming Salon at 1024 Budapest,
Fillér u. 16.


Our Pest Grooming Salon at 1064 Budapest,
Rózsa u. 94/B.


Our Óbuda Grooming Salon at 1036 Budapest,
Lajos u. 63. 

kozmetika obuda

Our Zugló Grooming Salon at 1148 Budapest,
Örs vezér tere 24. (SUGÁR Mall)

Dogmopolite Kutyakozmetika SUGÁR

Quality Services

Regular and professional grooming is inevitable to make your dog feel comfortable, but also to maintain his health and mental equilibrium. Our salon offers grooming services on a high professional level from simple baths to the most complex grooming treatments. Our goal is to make your dog beautiful in the most gentle and enjoyable manner, coupled with utmost attention.


We operate a lock gate system in our grooming salons for letting the dogs into and out from the grooming area – a system enhancing security. A further important safety feature is a non-stop CCTV security camera system operating throughout the salons. The valuables are guarded 24/7 through a safeguarding system. In addition, our professional liability insurance up to HUF 10 million and our property insurance are both valid in our grooming salons.


The Dogmopolite grooming salons use only state-of-the-art technologies for grooming your pet. Be it bathing (shampoos and conditioners from Double K Industries, Espree, USA), drying (ChallengAir 9000, USA) or trimming (Aesculap, BRAUN, Germany and EKS Solingen), Dogmopolite believes that outstanding results and the most gentle grooming treatments can only be guaranteed by using modern equipment in the appropriate environment.

Owners also in Focus

Although the spotlight of our activity is direted to our four-legged guests, we must not forget about the owners. We built an exclusive, air-conditioned waiting and reception area for the owners to be able to wait – if desired – comfortably during the grooming session. We also provide free Wi-Fi to our esteemed clients.

The first dog grooming salon in Hungary with four locations across Budapest

Dogmopolite operates four grooming salons, because we know, what a hassle it is to cross the city, often during rush hours. We offer the same degree of quality and top-notch grooming colleagues at all of our locations, for all our dear clients and their four-legged friends!