Dog Boarding and Dog Day-Care

What happens in the case of long-term boarding?

What kind of discounts am I entitled to?

How and when do I pay?

Can I bring my dog when she’s on heat?

What is there to know about internal and external parasites?

Can any other type of disease happen or be contracted during boarding or day-care?

Can accidents happen during boarding or day-care?

Why is my dog sometimes dirtier upon pickup than at the start of boarding?

Why is my dog so happy to see me? Didn’t he/she feel good?

What should I know about injuries?

What should I know about kennel cough?

How can the dog’s health change during the stay?

How can the mood change during the stay?

Can the body weight change during the stay?

What might happen to dogs in a new environment, in a new community?

Can I bring a dog who is aggressive towards humans?

Can I bring a dog who is aggressive towards other dogs?

What are the possibilities of keeping dogs together/separated?

What are the facilities like?

Who take care of the guests?

What do the guests eat?

What does the integration process look like?

What does socialization mean?

Do you also accept guests with chronic diseases?

Can the dogs be visited during their stay?

What is the daily programme?

What is the goal of dog boarding and the day-care program?

What is the difference between Dog Boarding and Dog Day-Care?

What is the difference between Dog Day-Care and Active Day-Care?

Where do Dogmopolite dog boarding and dog day-care facilities operate?

How can I keep contact while my dog is with you?

Do you transport dogs to/from the facilities? What’s the cost?

What kind of documentation do we fill in?

What is the youngest age for boarding or day-care?

Which vaccinations are required?

What am I supposed to bring for boarding?

What are the opening times?

How can I contact the company or the facilities?