Dog Grooming

Can I bring a dog when she’s on heat?

Can I bring a dog who is aggressive towards humans?

Can I bring a dog who is aggressive towards other dogs?

Can I bring cats and other small animals?

Can I pay with a credit card?

Do the grooming salons also operate as day-care centres?

Do you transport dogs to/from the grooming salons? What’s the cost?

How can I contact the company or the grooming salons?

How do the loyalty points work?

How does plaque and tartar removal work?

What am I supposed to bring to the grooming salon?

What are the opening times of the grooming salons?

What does puppy care mean?

What is the healthcare cut?

What is the youngest age for grooming?

What kind of discounts am I entitled for?

What kind of equipment and shampoos do we use?

What’s the difference between trimming and stripping?

Where do Dogmopolite dog grooming salons operate?

Why can the dematting process or a “neglected” dog come at a surcharge?

Why can the preparation for dog shows come at a surcharge?