Dog Walking

How do I cancel an appointment?

How does the payment work?

How does the price vary according to address?

Do you also take on other, small tasks in addition to walks?

Do you walk dogs on heat?

Can accidents happen during the walks?

Do you walk aggressive dogs (towards other dogs or humans)?

What happens if I am not at home to let the walker in?

Is it always the same person who walks my dog?

Who are the dog walker colleagues?

How can I keep contact while my dog is with you?

How many dogs are walked at the same time?

What are the minimum and maximum times per walk?

What is the youngest age for the walks?

Which vaccinations are required?

What I am supposed to provide for the walks?

What is the goal of the walking service?

Is this an ad-hoc or regular service?

What are the possible times for walks?

Where do you walk the dogs?

What kind of documentation do we fill in?

How can I contact the company for dog walks?