Pet Transport Calculator

Below you'll be able to calculate the transportation cost between any address and one of our locations, or between any two addresses.
In the case of transports between any location and one of our Dogmopolite addresses, the transport fee is valid for both directions.
In the case of transports between any two locations the Dogmopolite addresses shall be disregarded.

1. Please provide the desired for the pickup (or delivery) in the grey field (after typing in the address, you might need to press the space button for Google to accept it).
2. Press the green "Search" button
3. Instead of steps 1. and 2., you can also press "Use Your Location" for finding your location automatically.
4. Choose one of the Dogmopolite locations you wish to use
5. In the Dogmopolite locaiton field, press the green button "Calculate Price"
6. The system will indicate the transportation fee above the main menu and also in this page in a well-visible green background.

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Important: As our vehicles are located in Budapest (1116 Budapest, Mesterházi u. 6-8., our departing and arriving location), the system adds in the case of transports between any two locations the distance to your departing location, as well as the distance back to us from your destination. For international transports, kindly enquire at our office!