Active Day-Care

In addition to active day-care described below we also expect our guests to our day-care centres (Szentendre: 2000 Szentendre, Rózsa u. 16., Buda: 1116 Budapest, Mesterházi u. 6-8. and Szigetszentmiklós: 2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Gyári út 47.) on all days of the week! Special discounts in the case of all weekdays! For prices click here, for more info on our  centres, click here.

Exercise, socialization, learning and game guaranteed!

As detailed under Dog walking, dogs need physical and intellectual stimulation, since a lot of the behavioural problems such as barking, chewing, digging and so forth originate from isolation, boredom and insufficient physical activity. It is a proven fact that physical activity and the inherent intellectual challenge have a very positive effect on these problems.

Daily activity is essential for preserving your dog's health and the intellectual and physical balance. Physical stimulation is not just extremely important for the comfort of your dog, but it builds muscles, prevents depression and overweight, eliminates joint-related health problems and improves the heart function and behavioural habits.


Unfortunately many dog keepers do not recognize the fundamental importance of regular exercise and mental stimulation, and believe that a bigger garden, 1-2 walks per day are sufficient. Sadly, this is not the case; dogs need way more exercise than this, and peers for their intellectual and physical balance. Our company takes the burden of this task off your shoulders.

Dogmopolite is the first full-range service company in Hungary which offers specifically active day-care service, in the framework of which our colleague will pick up and deliver back you dog with our transporting van in order to spend the entire day in the forest. During a typical day there are some 10-12 dogs with us simultaneously. We most and foremost like to spend the day in the forests of Budakeszi, Jánoshegy and Szépvölgy.

It is important to note that all our caretakers are dog trainers, therefore your dog(s) will be under professional supervision. In addition, owing to the qualifications and expertise of our trainers, there is another important aspect: active day-care is an exceptional opportunity to recognize and address possible problems regarding obedience and other behavioural issues.

The most important facts about our active day-care service:strong>

  • Your dog(s) are picked up and delivered back to you (included in the price);
  • We spend the whole day in the forest, in the fresh air;
  • Our colleagues are professional dog trainers.

Results of our active day-care service:

  • Improved health due to extensive exercise;
  • Intellectual stimulation and game thanks to the peers;
  • Better behaviour, learning, socialization as a result of the trainers' endeavour.