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Games or walks in the park or the dog run nearby only make up a small part of a dog's time. During his everyday life our dog often gets into an unknown, strange or even scary situation. These challenges cannot always be overcome by him alone - our dog often needs our help. This program was designed to assist especially in this matter.


This program was designed for you, if you can answer at least one of the questions below with a 'Yes'.

  • Is your dog is stressed on public transportation?
  • Is your dog afraid of motorbikes, bicycles, skateboards or luggage on wheels?
  • Is your dog way too interested in strangers?
  • Would you like to travel more safely with your dog?
  • Would you like to enjoy a cup of coffee in your dog's presence?
  • Would you like to enjoy public spaces and dog-friendly events without any problems?

What happens during classes?

  • Getting acquainted with the public transportation of Budapest, learning how to use them with your pet
  • Getting your dog acquainted with shops, cafés, restaurants and other closed environments
  • Learning how to use the escalator safely
  • Learning how to use gates, doors, revolving doors
  • Correct use of pavements (learning how to stop automatically at crossings)
  • Food denial
  • Correct use of muzzles
  • Learning of directions, coordination of our dog with voice signals
  • Getting our dog acquainted with an environment increasingly rich in stimuli
    • skateboards, bicycles, motorbikes
    • large crowds, underpasses
    • events, amplified noise, lights
    • correct "handling" of children
    • adults with unexpected or unnatural (loud) behaviour


Group size: minimum 4, maximum 8 participants
Minimum 3, maximum 4 participants per trainer
Location: city centre
Duration: 80-100 perc
Service fee: HUF 3,000/participant and training

British Dog Groomers’ Association

British Dog Groomers’ Association »

Dogmopolite is the first and only company in Hungary which is member of the British Dog Groomers' Assocation (PIF-BDGA).

UK Kennel & Cattery Association

UK Kennel & Cattery Association »

Dogmopolite is the first and only company in Hungary which is member of the UK Kennel & Cattery Assocation (PIF-BKCA).

Pet Services Association

British Pet Services Association »

Dogmopolite is the first and only company in Hungary which is member of the British Pet Services Association (PIF-BPSA).



Our company has been an official member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) with seat in Florida, US, since 2013.


Professional Liability Insurance »

In light of our commitment towards professional service provision and health- and material-related values, our company disposes of a general and service liability insurance up to HUF 10 million covering any potential health or property damage.


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