Dog Sitting

Be it puppies or older, maybe sick dogs, one often feels unease when asking friends or neighbours for feeding and taking care of his pet, especially when frequently away from home or for long hours at work.

Dogmopolite is at hand exactly in these situations: our loving colleagues will once, twice or as often and for as long as required each day visit your dog, provide him/her with water and food, clean up accidents, play with your dog and provide any further service that you may require.

Through this, your beloved friend will be able to stay in the warm atmosphere of your home and you will not have to ask your friends or relatives for favour any more.



By default, our dog sitting services include the below services:

  • Dog walking – in relation to the length of sitting
  • Provision of fresh water and food
  • Cleaning of the food area and the pot(s)
  • Game and stroke
  • Taking out garbage
  • Cleaning up accidents
  • Home security check
  • Emptying of the letterbox
  • Watering the plants
  • Setting lamps, curtains and blinds
  • Care (as required)

We at Dogmopolite exactly know what it takes to let a "stranger" into your home. For this reason we hold it extremely important that in addition to the dog sitting service itself we organise an extensive conversation with you. Our colleague, in addition to all the data pertaining to your dog, will also thoroughly note down each and every instruction relating to your home.

This has a double advantage regarding your safety, since in addition to getting to know your dog and your home you can get to know our colleague in depth, thereby establishing a confidential relation.