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All dog training methods employed by Dogmopolite's professionals are tested and work efficiently. Within as little as a few weeks' time we can prove that your dog is in reality an obeying and balanced friend!


The generally expected and achievable timeframe is about 3-4 weeks. How long the training will ultimately take depends on intensity, the dog's obedience, state of health, race, and naturally the owner's expectations.

Training method

The aim of dog training is controlling actions through the dog's brain: we develop the dog's mind and intellect. The training itself needs to be fitted to the dog's individual character and attributes: one dog may be shy, the other more brave, again another more sensitive, while the other a little less, the third forthcoming, the other non-obedient. Regarding their temper, dogs are just as different as humans, therefore we can honestly say: no two dogs are alike. As a consequence comes the trainer's assumption to approach his work from the dog's viewpoint and plan and schedule a training program by considering each and every individual trait. In the framework of individual training, our colleague, after having performed a thorough investigation, prepares an individual training plan perfectly adapted to the personal traits of the dog. This is the key to our success.

The dog's viewpoint

The probably most frequent mistake made by dog owners is that they presume more logic in their beloved dogs than they actually have. How often have we seen dogs running around in parks off leash with their owners calling, but the dog totally ignoring them? In the end, the dog would naturally come back, but just for being reprehended or punished and put back on leash again. For the owner it is perfectly clear why he has done so, but the dog unfortunately becomes totally confused and left without a clue why he/she was punished. Therefore, using intelligence, the dog decides that it is not a good thing to come back if called. Thus, the owner has successfully "trained" the dog never to come when called.


The power of praise

Just like humans, dogs love to be praised – of course somewhat differently than we do, like being stroked or getting a cookie. If we want our dog to carry out a certain task, we try to arrange the situation in a way that it is almost sure that the task gets done. After having performed the task, the dog is immediately rewarded. And see: the dog wants to be rewarded again and again!

The dog's interest

One key for developing obedience is getting into the center of the dog's interest and modifying it. When the puppies are born, their first interest is their mom. After nursing, however, they quickly skip her in favor of different titbits and play with their peers. As dogs grow up, they get interested in many other things, such as exciting scents, other animals, or the opposite sex. If the trainer is not able to worm himself into the absolute center of attention of the dog, then it is unlikely that he will achieve his own and the owner's expectations. Individual training helps, since we can isolate the dog from most of the distracting factors, thus most efficiently affecting his/her scope of interest. Between training sessions, the dog has time to think through everything that he/she learned that day, thus making the training sessions the highlight of the day.

Training methods »

Training at the client's home

Dogs requireing or used to a special, more isolated environment, or in case of shy dogs we recommend training sessions held at the owner's place, in the course of which the dog can enjoy the trainer's undivided attention, love and professionalism in his/her usual habitat.

School training

Individual training can be held at the dog school and thus in a different environment, if the circumstances at the owner or his direct neighborhood is not suitable for this service. In such cases, we naturally provide transportation from and to our clients' home.

Active day-care training and socialization

We provide group training in one of our boarding facilities or during active day-care on different levels, where we teach, in addition to socialization, primarily the general rules of obedience.

We also provide dog training in different thematics – be it a hunting dog or a family or personal protection dog – please always request information from one of our contacts.

Short introduction of the content »

Training the owner

In order to achieve sustainable success, the appropriate training of the owner is indispensable. Our trainers will provide effective and tested advice for the lasting effect of the training both in theory (ethology, consistency, training principles, dog-keeping methods, gradation, etc.) and in practice (training obedience, practicing, games, forming and maintaining a relationship with the dog, socialization, etc.).

Training the dog

The general training material for dogs includes walking on leash, general listening and obeying when called, staying in place, standing, sitting, lying and the enhancing of all kinds of different skills.

In the case of young dogs obedience gets higher priority, as well as shaping and strengthening reflexes, walking next to a person and the keeping of instructions, obedience and the founding of the initial relationship.

Amongst older dogs we teach the rules of a civilised co-existence between dogs and humans, we enforce the previously trained material, teach on how to behave in different environments and further develop instincts and skills.

British Dog Groomers’ Association

British Dog Groomers’ Association »

Dogmopolite is the first and only company in Hungary which is member of the British Dog Groomers' Assocation (PIF-BDGA).

UK Kennel & Cattery Association

UK Kennel & Cattery Association »

Dogmopolite is the first and only company in Hungary which is member of the UK Kennel & Cattery Assocation (PIF-BKCA).

Pet Services Association

British Pet Services Association »

Dogmopolite is the first and only company in Hungary which is member of the British Pet Services Association (PIF-BPSA).



Our company has been an official member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) with seat in Florida, US, since 2013.


Professional Liability Insurance »

In light of our commitment towards professional service provision and health- and material-related values, our company disposes of a general and service liability insurance up to HUF 10 million covering any potential health or property damage.


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