Dog Walking

As we are all getting increasingly tied up, we have less and less time and energy for our beloved friend.

Dogs need physical and intellectual stimulation, since a lot of the behavioural problems such as barking, chewing, digging and so forth originate from isolation, boredom and insufficient physical activity. It is a proven fact that physical activity and the inherent intellectual challenge have a very positive effect on these problems.

The British NOAH (National Office of Animal Health) and a number of world-renown professional institutions have proven that daily activity is essential for preserving your dog's health and the intellectual and physical balance. Physical stimulation is not just extremely important for the comfort of your dog, but it builds muscles, prevents depression and overweight, eliminates joint-related health problems and improves the heart function and behavioural habits.


We recommend our dog walking services for dog owners who may be at work all day long, have to travel away unexpectedly, are somewhat older or – worse than that – need medical supervision or care, or have any other commitments.

According to the requirements, your dog receives an extensive physical exercise in a nearby area with grass, wood or water (mainly forest, mostly one hour at least, excluding travelling time).

After having played, raved and been in physical contact with the other dogs, your dog will be delivered home exhausted, satisfied and happy!

The advantages of daytime walking