Professional Advisory

In case of questions our well-prepared and up-to-date colleagues are at your disposal any time, be it buying or selling a dog, ordering a certain service, questions relating to healthcare, training, the right nutrition and countless other professional and health-related issues that may arise during your or your dog's lifetime.

Advisory can be done either via telephone by calling our central number where you get redirected to one of our colleagues, or it may be carried out in our dog school prior to, during, or after a certain service, at your home or a place and time you define.

The goal of our professional advisory service is manifold: it is an indispensable step before starting a certain service, since our colleague can get to know thoroughly your and your dog's current state, requirements and expectations only this way. But in many other, ad-hoc instances you may suddenly require professional advisory, be it a more important step such as buying or selling a dog, or some more unfortunate events.

Regular advisory (2-3 times per year) in case of a long-term cooperation is very important both for the dog and you. It is our goal that clients ask us before taking a decision in order to avoid the bad ones which might cause serious disappointment instead of a happy and loving co-existence!