Terms and Conditions - Dog Swimming Pool

  1. The use of the Dogmopolite Dog Swimming Pool is by appointment only. Reservations can be made in person, by phone, e-mail or through our website booking system.

  2. Cancellation of a booked appointment is free of charge 24 hours prior to scheduled arrival – failure to do so will result in the missed session fee being settled at the next available session.

  3. Guests are kindly requested to arrive on time; we will not be able to keep the session longer than planned due to delays. In case of arrival before the booked time, guests are expected to wait in the reception area of the dog boarding facility.

  4. It is recommended that the guest does not eat 4 hours prior and 2 hours after using the pool. In the event of emptying into the pool, the penalty fee is HUF 30,000, which is charged to the owner.

  5. Dogs can only be brought into the swimming pool area on a leash.

  6. The swimming pool can only be used with the dog's paws covered by a paw protector, which is provided by Dogmopolite. The owner is fully responsible for any damage caused by the lack of such a paw protector.

  7. In the event of any metabolism-related “accident”, it is the responsibility of the owner to wipe up and clean the surfaces.

  8. Only and exclusively the dog(s) due to swim, the swimming colleague and the owner are allowed in the swimming pool area. No other dogs outside the pool shall be allowed to remain freely in the swimming pool area.

  9. The owner is responsible for any property or valuables brought into the swimming pool area – we suggest locking them in one of our lockers.

  10. Neoprene clothing, lockers, shower, towels and equipment for the owners, swimming vests and toys for dogs are provided by our company and available free of charge. Drying possibilities are provided upon departure, with a professional grooming table and drying equipment.

  11. The vaccination booklet or dog passport with vaccinations in accordance with all official requirements must be carried by the owner at all times.

  12. We reserve the right to refuse service in the case of a neglected or unfit guest, or in any other case deemed necessary by our staff.

  13. Dogs on heat are not allowed in the pool or swimming pool area. In addition, dogs with skin diseases, dermatitis or parasites are not allowed to enter the facility.

  14. Littering, smoking, eating, consumption/use of prohibited substances, jumping into the pool, unnecessary splashing and noise are strictly prohibited in the entire swimming pool area. It is also strictly forbidden to bring into the pool any sharp objects, accessories or equipment not approved by our staff, and to wear street clothes/shoes/flipflops in the pool. Any damage resulting thereof is fully borne by the owner.

  15. In the case of dogs with a musculoskeletal disorder, the owner must have the veterinary documentation ready and available. In the absence of a veterinary recommendation/referral, the owner assumes full responsibility for rehabilitation and any medical claims.

  16. In the absence of a swimming attendant (colleague), our company excludes any liability for any and all injury or damage to the dog on the swimming pool premises. In all cases, the owner assumes full responsibility for his/her safety and for the safety of the persons accompanying the owner.

  17. The owner declares that he/she has been informed in full about kennel cough on the webpage www.dogmopolite.hu and acknowledge that he/she has taken the necessary steps of protecting his/her dog at his/her discretion. As a consequence, the owner assumes full liability for any respiratory disease and all consequences resulting thereof.

  18. The owner acknowledges that Dogmopolite shall use all personal data provided here confidentially, according to the Decree 2016/679 EU (GDPR). The owner hereby give his/her permission to Dogmopolite to use his/her data for marketing and other purposes. At the same time, the owner gives his/her consent to receiving notifications either electronically or by regular mail about discounts, special programs or promotions on a regular basis.