What should we consider regarding the price? - How to choose...

  • Our boarding centres do not count with days started, but with 24h intervals. In the case of a typical 10-day stay, this means a 10% saving.
  • Our facilities are located in Szentendre, in district XI (Buda) as well as in Szigetszentmiklós, meaning a shorter ride than to the outskirts of the city, i.e. you also save fuel.

You can also pay in EUR at the mid-market exchange rate

Our clients holding a EUR bank account can now pay in EUR at mid-market exchange rate in our boarding and day-care faciliities, thus avoiding exchange rate losses. The mid-market exchange rate for EURHUF today is:

HUF 398.74


Our prices are indicated in Hungarian forints, including Value Added Tax, and are valid from July 15, 2022.

In the case of longer stays, or more than 3 dogs per client we kindly ask to enquire about the prices!

Dog Boarding rates - Szentendre, District XI (Buda) and Szigetszentmiklós

Number of dogs1 dog2 dogs3 dogs
Daily rate (24 hours – not days started HUF 5,500 HUF 9,600 HUF 13,700

What is included in the price?

  • Full-board with premium-quality food
  • Entire-day programme with trainer and caretaker colleagues (altogether 5, during high season additional colleagues in rotation)
  • Altogether over 350-450-800 sqm covered, heated and cooled hall and other areas
  • 150-250-400 sqm in-door day-care and fun area with special amenities
  • Boarding areas with different temperatures on altogether 250-350-600 sqm
  • Reception and advisory corner
  • High-security locking systems
  • 24/7 professional supervision
  • Advanced ventilation system
  • Boarding on mattresses, dog beds, in either closed or open surroundings
  • Dog transportation from and to the premises at a below-market price (for details, please click here)
  • Day-care services: game, exercise, learning in a covered or open, large area
  • Upon capacity and demand: indoor and outdoor individual or group training
  • Full board with 3 different types of food – or anything else upon request
  • Visit, arrival and departure based on an extended timetable: between 7 AM and 8 PM
  • Games, care and exercise guaranteed
  • Uniquely in this profession in Hungary: professional liability insurance
  • IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals, Florida, USA), PIF-BPSA and PIF-BKCA (United Kingdom)-memberships with all their professional requirements
  • Official government operation permit
  • Hazardous waste (dog feces) transportation agreement for protecting our environment
  • and the list goes on…!